Conservatory Design Options

Conservatories are available in a range of different styles; each one we build is specific to the property on which it is being fitted and to the customers living there, and is manufactured accordingly.  The conservatory style and roof system, colour, number and style of windows and doors – the choice is yours!

Getting the right size conservatory to suit your house is important; it should feel proportional to the size of the building but still leave you plenty of garden. It is a good idea to have a firm idea of what the conservatory will be used for, so you can plan the size and shape around the furniture you will need to fit in there. And always remember that the measurements given in a quotation for a conservatory are generally external measurements. The internal space will be smaller, allowing for the brickwork and cavity.

And there is no set standard for either the internal or external finish – if the house is rendered and painted, you may like the conservatory to be rendered and painted; if brickwork, we will build the base to match the house brick (or as closely as possible). Inside, whether you would like the walls left with exposed brick, or dry-lined and plastered ready to be painted, and with one electrical socket or five, it’s up to you.

uPVC can be manufactured in a range of different colours and finishes and a number of different glass effects are available too, giving versatility to suit all house types, styles and budgets.