Unfortunately, condensation is a fact of life. If there is moisture present in the atmosphere and differing temperatures between either side of the surface, some condensation will occur. The amount of condensation is proportionate to the temperature variation and the amount of water in the atmosphere. In our homes there is a natural water content from normal living activities. Cooking, boiling a kettle, washing, showering etc all create a water vapour which remains undetectable in the air. On contact with cold surfaces such as mirrors, windows, or tiles, condensation occurs as the vapour turns to water droplets.

If you have installed ‘A’ rated windows it is possible that condensation may occur on the outside of the window. This is again due to the difference in temperature and should clear as the outside temperature increases.

Double glazing is specifically designed to reduce condensation, but cannot claim to cure it completely. We can be sure, however, that double glazing will reduce condensation, especially where there is adequate ventilation in the property.