Wood-Burning Stoves

Traditional or contemporary, create a welcoming glow with a wood burning stove

With energy prices rising and concerns about the environmental impact of using fossil fuels, many people are looking to renewable fuels to heat their homes, including wood, solar and geothermal energy.

A wood burning stove could be the ideal solution for your home, not only offering excellent fuel efficiency (up to 85% efficient compared to open fires which can run at just 20%) but also adding style and a welcoming glow to your living room.

From traditional to contemporary styles, Clover can source and install quality wood burning stoves, including chimney lining, mantle and hearth, that will fit seamlessly into your home. We work predominantly with Dean Forge Stoves and Pevex Enterprises to offer you a wide range of quality stove designs to suit all homes. To see some of the models available, please get in touch for a brochure or visit the Dean Forge and Pevex websites. There are many models available that use a pre-heat air wash to burn off more of the smoke gases, and are approved for use in smoke free areas.

And if you fancy something a bit bolder than charcoal grey or black? Why not choose your stove in a colour that complements your decor, from a calm almond, to dark pewter or vibrant mojave red.


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Harvested responsibly from sustainable sources in the UK, our firewood logs are a mixture of hardwoods, including Ash, Oak, Chestnut and Beech, which have been barn-stored to ensure they are fully seasoned.

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