Garage Doors

If you’re looking to change your heavy up and over garage door, we can highly recommend replacing it with a stylish and easy to use roller shutter automated garage door.  They are an affordable option, all made to measure and open at the push of a button.

Available in a wide range of colours and wood effects, and insulated for energy efficiency, an automated garage door allows you to best utilise the space in your garage and park right up to the door, both inside and out. The high security segmented locking system and insulated 18mm interlocking aluminium door sections protect your garage against forced entry or damage.

They are fully weather resistant and take up no extra space inside your garage, rolling up into a box above the garage door opening. A reinforced bottom edge section, incorporating a heavy-duty brush or rubbers, gives a tight and secure base seal when closed, eliminating noise, draughts and debris from entering the garage when the door is closed.

Safety is provided by a photocell unit which stops and returns the door to the open position on detecting an obstruction.

We also supply and install a range of double skinned, galvanised steel side hinged garage doors, which can incorporate a side door for ease of access. If you’d like any more information on these, please do get in touch.

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