We have recently completed replacing a 70+ metre Cotswold chipped drive with the unique and revolutionary Gridforce system and we think the transformation is amazing! The client was looking for a solution to solve a problem with the existing drive holding water and to find a surface more suited for wheelchair access.   The Gridforce system provided the perfect solution.  Reducing carbon footprint, the trays are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, water drains to the water table thereby relieving pressure on the sewer systems and complying with best practice for sustainable drainage. They have a maximum load capacity of up to 400 tonnes per sq metre, are resistant to water, corrosion and cracking and withstands frost and UV radiation too.

Laid on a non-woven geotextile matting, the Gridforce trays were then filled with 10mm Hereford gravel to provide a stable, durable free draining surface, with minimal maintenance  perfect for feet, cars, wheelchair and prams. The trays could also be filled with earth and seeded for a grassy finish.

It was a great project!


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