Are you fed up with flies, wasps and other unwanted insects invading your home?  Or tired of seeing the fly paper of death hanging grimly in the corner of the kitchen?  We may have the answer ….

We’ve recently fitted internal fly screens to some of our previously installed uPVC windows and our client is so delighted with them we thought we’d share!

The screens comprise a lightweight aluminium frame, powder coated in either white or brown, and fixed with self adhesive fixings meaning they aren’t drilled into the window frames.  Very little light is lost when the blinds are down – in fact you can barely see there is anything there at all.

This image shows the blind down with the windows open.

Our client loves that she can now read on a summers evening with the light on and the window open and not a single moth can find entry!

Pet screens, Pollen screens and Solar screens are also available for both windows and doors offering a range of solutions to a variety of summer irritants.

So if you’re interested, please do get in touch ….

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